Friday, June 6, 2008

FASTWAY Gear Up Rock And Blues Show

With Sweden Rock under their belt (and FAST EDDIE CLARKE’s first visit to Japan ever, last fall, now a fine memory), FASTWAY have a UK date next to fulfill, at Rock And Blues, in Derby, Saturday, July 26th – previously cancelled, now back on.

“I was asked to do some things with Fastway,” says the legendary ex-MOTÖRHEAD guitarist. “And one thing led to another, and it was quite nice, because I was already in the saddle from having done the work on my Anthology CD, which came out through Sanctuary last year. Steve Strange, who is a longtime friend of mine, he’s quite a well-known agent in London, and he was sort of… we were going to hook up and play together about 20 years ago, and he said, ‘Hey man, I can get a few shows; do you want to do them?’ And I said, well, why not? (laughs). So that’s how it all started, really. So I went straight from doing the Anthology into the sort of Fastway reunion, because it’s been 25 years since I put it together with PETE WAY. So it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

With respect to Anthology, Clarke says that it, “was something I really always thought about doing and I never got around to it. And when Sanctuary Records called up and said, hey, do you want to do one, I said well, good idea. So together we pooled my old stuff, way back to my first sort of recording band, which is CURTIS KNIGHT; I managed to grab a couple of tracks from him. Before I joined Motörhead, I was working on a solo project thing, and we got a couple of tracks from that. And they were sort of semi-demos. It was rock, but it was sort of that weird, back in the early ‘70s-type music. One is very slow, and one of them is, well, I guess it’s quite rocky, really. It’s hard to say. You can definitely get it on Amazon; that’s probably your quickest way. And then of course it features the Motörhead stuff, about 12 tracks of Motörhead. I had a few demos from when Pete and I first put Fastway together, and so I stuck those on there, and then it’s just a few Fastway tracks, a few solo album tracks, and then a track I’d been working on about three years ago when I was planning an album with some guys. We never took it any further, so I used a track off that. So it’s a bit of a mishmash, but it spans sort of the last 30 years, really. In fact a bit more than that, actually. I can’t believe how fucking long ago it is now. It’s now Universal, but I believe it’s still out under sort of the Sanctuary title. I had to get one on Amazon a while ago - because of all the turmoil, they didn’t have any stock (laughs).”

Eddie’s also writing, as well as having recorded a guitar solo for old mates GIRLSCHOOL. And the new stuff? When will we see it? “It’s possibly a Fastway project, if we get around to doing any recording. We’re doing a few shows this year; I don’t know the extent of it. If we do a record, it might come into play. But the singer and I, TOBY JEPSON, did sit down last year, November time, and we knocked out about six tunes together. They’re just outlines. And the live stuff… I don’t mind; I’ll do anything just to play. We’re only doing it for fun, really. It’s just nice to get out there and do it again. I don’t treat it as that serious anymore, because at my age you can’t, really. You’ve got to just get out there and enjoy yourself.”

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