Saturday, June 7, 2008

New L.A. GUNS Singer Embraces Change In His Musical Direction

Marty Casey, the former contestant on the hit CBS-TV "reality" show "Rock Star: INXS" who was recently named the new lead singer for the Tracii Guns-led version of L.A. GUNS, has posted the following message on his official blog:

"I wanted to reach out to everyone and let you know of some equally amazing and difficult changes going on in my life at the present moment. With sincere thought and sleepless nights, I have made the decision to change my current musical direction. I am still deeply committed to the creation and performance of music but have decided to take on a new opportunity. This scenario appeared very quickly and I only had a few days to make the decision. I chose what I felt was right for my life.

"I have been working in Los Angeles and Toronto as a songwriter for the new L.A. GUNS album, and as we were working on the album, the former singer of the band made some extremely bad decisions and left the band as a result. The band was in the studio in Canada with their producer, Steve Thompson, and all set to record the songs we had written together. On top of the month of recording that needed to be completed, their world tour was confirmed to begin at the end of June.

"They offered me the opportunity to step in and be the new voice of L.A. GUNS. I thought about the opportunity and the possibilities it opened up for me. I loved the songs I had written with the band and felt it was time for me to embrace this new direction. I was excited at the opportunity to record this album and then join the 'Summer Blackout Tour' which will take me all over the world over the next year. I chose to dive into the creativity and momentum. It was a tough decision because the LOVEHAMMERS [Marty's band] have always been very good friends and musical brothers. It was incredibly hard to talk to them and let them know of my new musical direction. My intent was not to hurt anyone. My intent is to continue passionately in creating and performing music. I have felt stuck for some time, and when this scenario presented itself, it felt like the clouds opening up and showing me a bright light of possibility. I am excited to record this album that I have so passionately been writing and then set-off on tour for the next year. It feels like the right place for me.

"I hope you embrace my change in direction and I hope you understand. I am working incredibly hard recording the album and want to affect people with intense live performances. A place has opened up for me, and I am committed to making this a success. I also hope there will be future LOVEHAMMERS shows because Bob, Dino and Billy are a big part of my life."

L.A. GUNS' new album featuring Marty Casey will be released later in the year via Alexus Records. Look for the guys on tour this summer with FASTER PUSSYCAT and BANG TANGO as they blaze a trail through a city near you.

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