Monday, June 9, 2008

SAXON - New Single Title Revealed

SAXON frontman Biff Byford has issued the following blog update following their Rock am Ring 2008 appearance in Nürburgring, Germany on June 7th:

"We went to see METALLICA play a fucking amazing stage set, we stood at the side of the stage and some guy walks up and says come with me and he takes us though the stage set into the tunnel to the cockpit (that’s what its called) behind Lars (Ulrich) if you’ve seen the shows its where they go to change guitars its a bit similar to what we had on the Crusader tour every thing behind the castle set, suddenly they play 'Princess Of The Night and a bit of 'Motorcycle Man'.

That’s what I call a good day and the guys in the band went out of there way to be friendly and say hello we really appreciate it - we know they are big Saxon fans and we want to thank them. F!!!!ÖÖÖÖ!!king brilliant. So after 28 years, we finally met metal warriors in the circle of life when fate put them together many years ago to bring them full circle to meet again the circle is complete.

Just to fill you in on new stuff we will play the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 14th.

The new album will be out in January there will be a single for release in October on download we have not decided the title of the album yet but the single will be called 'Live To Rock' and SPV will be making a video."

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