Monday, June 9, 2008

PAUL STANLEY Comments On Reports Of Upcoming KISS Clone Reality TV Show

In the wake of numerous reports stemming from an interview done in Norway regarding an upcoming KISS clone reality TV show, frontman Paul Stanley has issued the following statement:

"A KISS clone reality show? First of all, contrary to what was said by anyone, there is no signed deal. Secondly, if we were to do a KISS II, and I don't rule that out, it would be in addition to, and never in place of KISS. If we were to do it, I know it would be done in a groundbreaking way and would be tremendously entertaining. KISS has always defined itself by the rules we break, so what's the big surprise? We are in the middle of our biggest and most successful tour of Europe ever, playing to over a half million people, and neither KISS or I have any plans to stop afterwards!"

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Seano said...

I just found your blog...really digging it....I love almost all of the bands that you do except Kiss. I think that its not so much the music...I have Dressed to Kill, Destroyer, Ace's solo album....its just Gene....such an opportunist..much more than a musician...such an ego...I discovered Van Halen, I fucked 10000 women, I'm too happy to get married, I don't see a problem with doing 7 reality shows...I just cannot stand the guy anymore....Please tell me what I'm missing.....and BTW everybody who put Gene in front of Geezer in the bad ass bass playing could cut all of Geezers fingers off...leaving him only with thumbs and he'd be better than Gene...come on now! Please post more often...great wealth of material here...thanks Seano