Monday, June 2, 2008

SAMMY HAGAR Presents Next Stage Of "Rock Radio The Way God Intended It"

Cabo Wabo Radio, a legendary breakthrough in rock radio, “All UP, All Rock, All Party, All the Time” has been broadcasting online from Mexico to the world since New Years Eve. Since being added to iTunes in March, growth has been dramatic. There were officially over 120,000 listeners in 100 countries in the month of May.

Now, beginning June 1st, Cabo Wabo Radio is debuting another breakthrough in programming. Operations Director, Shadoe Stevens, said today, “The station has quickly gained a reputation for extraordinary programming innovation and this may be our most original concept yet.”

Cabo Wabo Radio will be flying DJs and radio personalities to Cabo from all over the world to host the nightly “Cabo Wabo LIVE” broadcasts from the Cantina. Week after week there will be something new and exciting, new hosts, surprise guest stars in concert, hundreds of special guests from around the world, all LIVE from one of the great dream vacation spots on earth, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Plus, SAMMY HAGAR is proud to announce “Operation Cabo: LIVE From Baghdad” debuted on Memorial Day 2008 on legendary Cabo Wabo Radio with mini-features and Shout Outs from soldiers in Iraq, “Operation Cabo: LIVE From Baghdad will now become part of the 24 hour programming.

Proudly, Cabo Wabo Radio is a sponsor of the 10th Mountain Division, U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq, and “Operation Cabo: LIVE From Baghdad” giving servicemen and women a chance to say hi to their family and friends all over the world on one of the world’s great Rock stations.

The Shout Outs, features, and live phone calls from Iraq are hosted by Cabo Wabo Radio’s correspondent in Baghdad, James T. Henly, who has worked with the Armed Forces Network in TV and radio productions.

Beginning Monday, June 2nd, first Guest, Tim Taylor from Portland, Oregon will kick off the first Cabo Wabo LIVE broadcast from the Cantina beginning at 7pm mountain time.

June 16th, Tori Thomas from Allentown, Pennsylvania takes over and arrangements are being made for guest hosts all summer.

The new studios are built behind glass right next to the stage in the Cantina, making every audience part of every broadcast. And, vacationers down in Cabo will be able to give Shout Outs back home through Cabo Wabo Radio. “The Cantina, an institution in Cabo for nearly 20 years and packed every night of the week, is the perfect
location for the most exciting radio station in the world,” said Shadoe Stevens. “People are there to party and we’ll be there to capture the excitement and deliver it to the world every night.”

Also beginning in June, “Cabo Wabo LIVE” will be available as a nightly syndicated radio show for terrestrial radio stations around the world. For information, contact Rick Consolo at 800-327-7548.

The station, programmed by Shadoe Stevens and Sammy Hagar, features high energy New Rock, Hot Rock, Cutting-Edge, and Classic Rock around the clock. “The coolest thing we can do is to expose fans to good music they’ve never heard before” said Sammy, “if any radio station is going to get my attention in life, it’s going to be one where I’m going, ‘Who is this? I like that song. Wait a minute, who is that?’ I’ll listen to that radio station all day. That’s what Cabo Wabo Radio is all about!”

Sammy encourages fans to log onto CABOWABORADIO.COM to become a V.I.P Member. If Members want a vacation in paradise, they’ll get savings of up to 40% off on Cabo Adventures.

It’s High Energy Rock Radio Smuggled Across the border from Mexico and you can hear it at CABOWABORADIO.COM and on iTunes.

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