Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Nikki Sixx at Juicy Bands!

Today I got to interview one of the most phenomenal rockers in rock history and I was absolutely thrilled to have Nikki Sixx in the studio. He’s a rock legend from Motley Crue to Sixx AM. He even wrote the book, “Heroin Diaries” which is a book based on diaries that he actually wrote. It's a very touching, inspiring book, it's a must read if you haven’t read it. Here’s what Nikki had to say..

JUICY BANDS: “Life Is Beautiful” was a huge hit and lately “Pray For Me” has been getting a lot of radio and video airplay, since you guys didn’t really promote the album or have a desire to do so, how did that come about?

NIKKI SIXX: It was a very enjoyable process. A lot of times you have a band, you have a tour, you have an album, you have a single, you work radio, you work press. It’s all very planned. But in this case we made a record and leaked the song out through MySpace. It started to pick up momentum and radio picked up on it. Then we took it to radio and it ended up being the most added song in the country and then climbed the charts. We said why? They said it’s moving, people like it, it’s a great piece of music. We just formed the band Sixx A.M. because people had to go buy the album by somebody. It’s not me, and it’s not James and it’s not D.J., it’s all of us as producers and songwriters. I was driving down the road yesterday and looked down at my Sirius radio, and it said Sixx A.M., “Life Is Beautiful.” I said, how is that possible?

JUICY BANDS: Before Sixx A.M, I’ve never in my life heard James sing before, but he’s definitely got an amazing voice on him. I know he’s done a lot of producing and behind the scenes stuff for a lot of different artists, so how’d you bring out the singer in him and actually get him to join in the band?

NIKKI SIXX: He does do a lot of behind the scenes stuff. He’s a phenomenal writer, a phenomenal producer, an amazing engineer. D.J. is equally talented as a writer and guitar player and producer. It was effortless. It wasn’t about us, it was about the song, the journey. It so exciting, so free. We’ve all known each other for years, we had an amazing time, and planned on doing it again because it was so fun and we just formed together and gave it all we got.

JUICY BANDS: So a while back I was hearing that Sixx A.M wasn’t planning on touring but now you guys are actually planning a tour starting in July so I’m excited about that, how’d that come about?

NIKKI SIXX: When we formed the band, we didn’t plan on being on the radio, didn’t plan on touring, it just wasn’t an interest to us, but the demand was high so we thought we would give it a shot. Nothing to major just a little here and there with some good bands, a simple one month tour and that’s that. We are planning on playing some television shows and maybe doing some other small stuff as well.

JUICY BANDS: They’re making a movie out of the Motley Crue book “The Dirt”. Have you had any interest from movie studios about your book, The Heroin Diaries?

NIKKI SIXX: It’s interesting. The phone has been ringing. I have to pinch myself. It’s really affecting people emotionally. It’s phenomenal that you can do something positive and still stand up and say, “I’m rock and roll.” I look it, I walk it, I talk it, I live it, I breathe it.

JUICY BANDS: How did the idea of turning your diaries into a book come about?

NIKKI SIXX: It was a long process because the original feeling was to publish those diaries based on my belief that I could raise awareness of this global epidemic and what it’s like, whether you’re down in the streets or in a private jet. It’s an epidemic and a problem. I wanted to share my experience, and by getting through that experience share a little hope, a little faith that people can get out of it. That’s where it started and it just went from there.

JUICY BANDS: I actually sat down and read the book and it was phenomenal. I think you’re a very strong person for coming out and dealing with everything that you've been through and taking something so personal and sharing it with the world. I know a lot of other people around the globe appreciate the book as well. Are you planning on coming out and writing any more books based on anything that you’ve written in the past?

NIKKI SIXX: Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. This was a one time thing. I think there’s a benefit to this. I know that the stuff from ’81 and ’82 and forming the band and going on tour for the first time is all wonderful stuff, but it’s personal and I write for personal reasons. Something you never expect to do is publish something like this. There’s a benefit to publishing this because I’m exposing myself and exposing an issue. I want to do some good. It inspired a wonderful soundtrack and accidentally formed a band out of it.

JUICY BANDS: Thank you so much for coming in, you’ve inspired so many people and it was great to finally meet you. Rock on, you kick ass!

NIKKI SIXX: Hey anytime, you’re awesome. Thanks for having me.

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