Monday, May 19, 2008

Joe Elliott Chooses Essential Def Leppard Songs

In a new interview with singer Joe Elliott has chosen his essential DEF LEPPARD songs.

'Photograph' from Pyromania: “Because for the kind of music we make, it is the classic pop song. It’s got all the right bits to it – it’s got a good storyline, it’s got great heart behind it, great melodies, brilliant guitars and it’s all wrapped up in about three and a half minutes, which all the best songs are. We took a leaf out of the BEATLES’ and the STONES’ book and kept it short.”

'Promises' from Euphoria: “Again it’s another classic Leps song – it’s got melodies, it’s got all the arrangements and all the subtleties and dynamics. Dynamics is a word that gets used less and less these days but for us they’re very very important. We like the way that songs build then go back down a bit, crescendo back up again. It’s a very important aspect for me and something that you can’t ignore.”

'Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad' from Adrenalize: "I think that’s probably one of our better slow songs. It was from the Adrenalize album – I actually preferred it to 'Love Bites', which was a bigger hit for some reason in America and in England. That said, 'Love Bites' got to Number 1 but the other one actually sold more.”

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