Friday, May 23, 2008

SAMMY HAGAR – Is The Album Dead?

The Red Rocker seems to think so, judging from comments made to BW&BK’s Martin Popoff before a red-hot packed casino show just north of Toronto.

Asked about new music with his long-standing tequila-drenched band THE WABORITAS, HAGAR affirmed that, “Yeah, we’ve got a bunch of new songs. We’ve got eight or nine. We probably have enough for a CD. It’s just… I don’t really want to go make a CD now. I just like making one song at a time. So we took ‘On A Roll’ (ed.: a heavy, ZZ TOP-ish rocker commissioned for Nascar – used as an encore selection at the aforementioned Casino Rama show), this new song, which is really cool, I think, and it’s released on iTunes, and that’s it. And we’ll hit ‘em with him another one. I’ve got another one already done called ‘Cosmic Universal Fashion’, and so we’ll give them that, and then, one song at a time - let them have it.”

As alluded to, the rare-for-Canada Waboritas show was packed to the rafters and as usual, a giddy party to be remembered. And, as Sammy explains, it’s always different…

“We don’t really have a set list anymore. We stopped doing that probably around 2003, 2002. We kind of threw the set list out. If you go out and look at the front of our drum riser, if you stand at the front of the stage and look at our drum riser, it’s got about 70 or 80 songs on there. And we just start with a song and we end with a song, and sometimes we don’t even end with the right song. Sometimes at the last minute I say, ‘Fuck it, we’re going to start with so-and-so tonight.’ And the band loves it. The band is so rehearsed and we’ve been together so long, we know all the songs. And mistakes are legal in this band. It’s almost like we welcome somebody to screw up so everybody laughs and we get off the hook, and we take it to a whole new level. Because when you’re throwing a party and the good vibe that we do, it’s more about the vibe. It isn’t about the songs. No matter what songs they are, if it’s played with the right attitude and spirit, it’s ‘Did the show happen?’”

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