Monday, May 26, 2008

SAMMY HAGAR – Gone Country?

Look for SAMMY HAGAR and his kickin’ WABORITAS to attempt inroads into the country crowd, the band getting down to business through approximately seven stadium dates with new country superstar KENNY CHESNEY, on something called the Poets & Pirates tour.

“Well, Kenny Chesney is a good buddy,” explained Hagar, in conversation with BW&BK’s Martin Popoff before a sold-out show at Casino Rama, north of Toronto. “Ever since he came down to my birthday bash three or four years ago and played for three and a half hours, you know, on stage, at Cabo Wabo, with his whole band, it was awesome. We just became really good friends, and I went out with him on four, five different occasions and just walked out on stage and did ‘I Can’t Drive 55’, and ‘Finish What You Started’, ‘Eagles Fly’, ‘Fall In Love Again’… I mean, he knows as many of my songs as I do. So when he said, ‘Would you come on this tour?’, I said hell yeah, are you kidding? It’ll be a lot of fun. I’m really interested in seeing me playing for people that aren’t necessarily Sammy Hagar fans, or even VAN HALEN fans. I want to see if I can get to them. Because that’s the thrill of this music, to me, is to play... I’ve been playing to my fans only for… man, since I left Van Halen. I’ve been doing An Evening With, basically. Out of the thousand shows we’ve probably done, probably 999 of them were An Evening With. So I’m interested going out in front of other people’s audiences. And if it doesn’t work I’ll tell Kenny, ‘Hey, look dude, this ain’t working; I’ll see you later.’ (laughs). But I think it will work. I think what I bring to the party, the party that I bring on stage, and the fun, is contagious, and I hope that makes some new fans.”


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