Thursday, May 29, 2008

TED NUGENT Fires Up New Song 'I AM THE NRA'; Now Available Via His Website

Whether he’s unleashing a firestorm of guitar licks or speaking his mind politically and socially like no one else, TED NUGENT has never held anything back - and these two sides of Ted come together potently on his new song, the unflinchingly titled (with all-caps) 'I AM THE NRA'.

Ted debuted the freedom-loving song at the recent annual NRA Convention May 17th - 18th in Louisville, Kentucky - which he described as “the ultimate Ted Nugent party,” with “more than 67,000 of my closest friends.” A sample of the track can be heard at TEDS WEBSITE where the song can also be purchased and the digital download is available for sale via the NRA’s site.

Lyrics like “If you hate tyrants and dictators and are ready to give freedom a whirl/Celebrate the NRA and the shot heard round the world” are merged with those bluesy, dirty and unforgiving Nuge licks. Recorded at David Crowder Studios, Waco, TX, 'I AM THE NRA' is a manifesto that is meant to inspire. And Terrible Ted digs his heels in vocally with the kind of gusto that brings to mind his classic performances.

Says Ted, recently re-elected for his fifth term on the Board of Directors of the NRA: “We debuted the ultimate soundtrack for freedom lovers everywhere with my new song ‘I AM THE NRA’ to thunderous applause and spontaneous dancing in the aisles. Real honest to God Motor City rock-n-roll goes perfectly with the spirit of gun lovers everywhere.”

Adds Ted: “We know in our hearts and souls that God gave each of us a precious, equal, miraculous gift of life. And we also know, that if not for the formation and growth of this fundamental grassroots organization, individual American citizens would no longer have that US Constitutionally guaranteed God given right to keep and bear arms for the protection of this gift. Thank God for the NRA.”

Cam Edwards, host of "Cam and Company" on and Sirius Satellite Radio, recently praised the song as “not just a rallying cry, it's a bombastic love letter to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that could only come from Ted Nugent himself!"

Expect Ted to fire up 'I AM THE NRA' all summer long on his Rolling Thunder 2008 Tour which kicks off June 7th and runs through September 27th. His latest book - comprising 10 chapters on how to fix America - is titled Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto, and is due in August via Regnery Publishing. Ted also recently released the live CD Sweden Rocks, with the companion DVD out June 10th, both via Eagle Rock Entertainment. Ted will also make his feature film debut this summer in the film Beer For My Horses, which stars Toby Keith and also features Rodney Carrington, Claire Forlani, Tom Skerritt and Willie Nelson. The film will be released August 8th, 2008 in movie theatres in selected cities.

'I AM THE NRA' lyrics:

When I think of freedom,
I got my Bill Of Rights
US Constitution is my guiding light
Our founding fathers, they were not confused
I always celebrate self-evident truths
I am we the people
I don’t need no OK
My pursuit of happiness will take me all the way
If you hate slavery as much as we all do
Come on join the fight, I'll tell you what we do
If you hate tyrants and dictators and are ready to give freedom a whirl
Celebrate the NRA and the shot heard round the world
The shot heard round the world

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